Bob Gliner, Documentary filmmaker

(57 minutes)
Winner of
CINE Golden Eagle award, 2004
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Many Americans experience difficulty understanding the most effective way to relate to people in developing nations in a post 9/11 world. Build a bigger military? Close our borders? Try to do something about the root causes of poverty and frustration that many of the world's poor confront?

HEIFER, a new one hour documentary by independent producer Bob Gliner (Time Frenzy, Education for What?), explores a different way for Americans to relate to people in other nations by providing an intimate look at Heifer Project International's work of giving animals to poor villagers in developing nations as a way of addresing poverty and promoting community development. In the process, the viewer is given an engaging portrait of people in the rural landscapes of countries on four continents – Guatemala, Tanzania, Albania, and the Tibetan region of China – and the way they have grappled with issues of social justice, gender inequality, and environmental sustainabiity. HEIFER offers a different vision of defending America in a post 9/11 world, one promising real security rather than an ever increasing military arsenal.

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• Have a Cow (Metro)

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