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El Salvador is a nation deeply connected to US policies that remains little understood by most Americans. Many Americans think of El Salvador as a country to be avoided because of the danger posed by violent gangs, fear the recent migration of Salvadorian children to US border regions and are afraid of its ties to other neighboring Latin American countries such as Venezuela.

Other Americans with longer memories recall American involvement in the brutal civil war during the 1980s and the legacy of two million Salvadorians living in the US. As Learning From El Salvador shows through its unprecedented access to all sectors of Salvadoran society, there is much that Americans do not know about the transformation the country has been undergoing and the recent changes in the country that are being driven by its new government. These changes are having a profound impact on the quality of life experienced by many Salvadorans including their access to health care, public education, development of agriculture and small business, and their ability to participate in a thriving democracy.
While the United States is used to presenting itself as a model for the rest of the world to emulate, perhaps there is much we can learn from the Salvadorian experience and transformation that might help us meet challenges here at home.


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